Infectious Disease training program for Managers and Front-line employees.

This training series was developed by registered nurses, educators, and healthcare leaders working together for one common goal. To provide organizations with the information they need for keeping themselves, their employees, and their communities safe. This program will provide you with information on the history of infectious diseases, how to protect yourself at work, in the community and new responsibilities for organizational leaders and individuals without direct reports.

What is included:

  • Sustainability assessment of your business using our 4 Anchors of Awareness and our Total Risk Analysis tool

  • Virtual training for all members of the organization

    • ID 501 for organizational leaders
    • ID 502 for staff without direct reports
  • Access to the GSM Management and Consulting LLC Policy Library
  • Q&A with GSM Management and Consulting LLC educational content staff to help answer your most challenging questions
  • Organizational action plan


  1. Ongoing virtual support as your organization grows, we grow with you. We pride ourselves on providing resources to organizations that will help them to answer the most difficult questions.
  2. Continued access to GSM Management and Consulting Policy Library to help you with the onboarding of new staff.
  3. Annual refresher trainings
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